Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~ An Open Letter to all of the Important Girls in my Life! ~

To all of the important girls (and boys too) in my life. I don't have pictures of everyone here, but you all are important. Dove Beauty products has a 'Beauty within' campaign running right now and posed the question: "What would you like every 13 year old girl to know?". Here's what I would like to tell every girl. This applies to any girl 13, 23, 33, 43 etc... (and the boys too!)

This is what I have learned in life ~~ so far.

Remember no matter what anyone or any group of people say, you matter, what you think matters, that you are beautiful and special, and you can accomplish anything!

Parents aren't perfect. Sometimes we guide you in the wrong direction out of our own fears and wants. Listen to what we have to say, but in the end, remember you are your own boss, and make your own decisions.

We freak out sometimes because we don't want you to make the same mistakes, or walk down the long, windy, wrong way paths we may have walked down before finding our way.

Remember to be patient with us, most of us worry out of love.

Be true to yourself! Don't do something stupid because you see others doing it, or saying they have done it ~~ they probably haven't.

Listen to your inner voice, it's usually right. Most importantly, remember that you are loved and worth loving!

You are loved and cared for by people who may not ever know you. After all, we are all ONE!

Always be yourself, after all that's what makes 'you', you!! Be yourself!!

Down Time...at the Farm

These two beauties are quarter horses from the farm across the road from ours. I call the black stallion 'Black Beauty' for two reasons: first is that he is beautiful and majestic as he grazes in the field, secondly, because I can't remember his registered name! So, to me, he's Black Beauty. The pretty chestnut mare is 'Brandy'. I also can't remember her registered name (registered names are often so long...) but thankfully she has a nickname, and it is indeed 'Brandy'. She is very docile, so is Black Beauty, especially for a stallion!

My sister and nephew visited last week from Boston, and Eddie decided to feed the horses. He always likes to visit them when he's here, it's just something he doesn't see in Boston. He loves to grow things in the garden, explore, and be outdoors, so visiting the horses with my girls was his cup of tea! The horses were very thankful, because the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence! They enjoyed their afternoon snack very much!

Afterwords, the kids thought pushing each other on the tire swing was the thing to do. Well, I think it's the thing to do on a wonderful summer day too. Tire swings never get old!

The tree in the above shot is a bit deceiving. It looks like my daughter is going to crash into it any second, but it's really about 7 or 8 feet out, thankfully from the trunk. They've only hit the tree a few times, without any injures, thank goodness. It kind of reminds me of "George of the Jungle" when he yells "Look out for the...tree".

All in all, they had a great time, and I got a great picture!

I was able to tend my garden, leisurely, since we had company, I was very thankful for that and due to a cloudy morning, my morning glories were tricked into staying open into the afternoon. It was a great day!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Busy, Busy Bee

So, I went to our local nursery yesterday to buy some flowers to put in my gardens for some late summer punch. These are 'Sonata Mix' cosmos. They are so cute, AND were 50 % off! I always get such good deals on plants towards the end of summer. These look nice and healthy too, a definate added bonus for this time of year. They also are loaded with pollen. I placed them by our garage along with some verbenas and kolhrabi plants, until I can get them planted. In just about an hour, I saw a bumble bee collecting nectar. I thought I'd snap a few of shots of these flowers since they're so pretty, then I spotted this little guy. I couldn't believe it! I've heard people say that they sometimes 'sleep' on the flower after gathering nectar before returning to their hive. I've never seen it though, what a treat! I took a few pictures before gently shaking the plant. I wasn't sure if he was dead or resting. He was definately resting, and started to fly like mad, not at me, but just as if he was in a fog. I sometimes do the same thing when I've realized I've hopelessly overslept! The bee did the same thing. I think I heard him buzz 'oh, crap~~I've got to get back home!' And then he just disappeared. I hope back to his hive. And I hope his queen was happy.

Busy, Busy Bee

So, I stopped by our local nursery yesterday to buy some cosmos to put in the gardens for some late summer punch. They are so pretty and bright, and were 50% off! I always find great deals towards the end of summer! These are "Sonata Mix" cosmos. They are cheery and bright, and have lots of pollen. I placed them back towards our garage and in just about an hour, I saw a bumble bee colledting nectar. A bit later, I saw this little guy, he looked like he was laying on the flower. I've heard people say that bees sometimes will sleep on the flower and not return to the hive immediately. I've never seen it, until yesterday, and was lucky to have my camera nearby! At first, I wasn't sure if it was dead or resting. I was lucky enough to get some photos, and then gently shook the flower. It was definately alive!! It started to fly like mad. Not at me, but as if it was confused as to what was happening, the way I feel when I know I've overslept. I run around the house without meaning for about thirty seconds until I become coherent. The bee did the same thing, and then just disappeared. I hope back to it's hive. That little guy worked himself to exhaustion for that nectar. I hope his queen is happy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Goldfinch food

I plant sunflowers every year around my windows~ kitchen, living room, and back porch especially. Some people think I'm crazy to grow 10 foot giants in front of my living room window, but what some of them don't know, is that I can sit on my couch and watch goldfinches feed almost anytime of the day. They are such a shy bird that sometimes the best way to watch them without spooking them is from inside! I don't usually buy specific seed, I usually transplant what grows around the bird feeders in the spring. I've tried to grow "Moulion Rouge" and "Fantasy", among a few others, but the birds have ALWAYS picked the seeds right from the ground. And after I take such good care of them all winter!! After seeing some great sunflowers through the neighboorhood of smoky brown and reds, I've decided to try again next year to grow some red beauties much to the delight of my girls, who let me know how much they love the reds everytime we pass! Okay, maybe I'm not crazy. I've noticed quite a few houses in the area growing sunflowers in their front yards too. Maybe great minds think alike, and find not only the flowers, but the feathered friends that visit too, to be a great addition to the house!!

Not only do goldfinches visit my sunflowers, but we've also seen ruby throated hummingbirds, and not suprisingly, tons and tons of bees and butterflies! I was quite suprised when my daughter ran in the house and while jumping up and down, telling me that a hummingbird was just buzzing around her head. Sure enough, watching for a few days in a row, it returned every day to get a drink from our sunflowers. That might be the most pleasant suprise we've gotten so far this summer. I always planted red or purple to attract the hummers, and now, to know that they love one of my favorites is wonderful, so I guess we'll start a quest to try to catch one of these beauties in picture.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bright sunny garden cosmos

I love this picture. First it has one of my favorite flowers, cosmos being showcased. Secondly, the John Deere in the background is perfect, and not initally planned when I started to take the photo, it just turned out to be a perfect opportunity! When we moved to our family farm years ago, with it came a big John Deere, not this one, but something about John Deere's are universal. For me they are happy, sturdy, and dependable.
Just like the cosmos. They too are happy, sturdy, and dependable. I can depend on them to protect and ward off bad bugs from my cabbage and peppers, and they are a ray of sunshine, even on a rainy day. I simply love them, I hope you do too!