Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

To help celebrate the Easter season, here's more of a photographic essay of chocloate making in my house as a kid. Mom collected a huge number of the coolest candy molds ever ~ these are just a few of an awesome collection.

The classic and a nice reminder of the reason for the holiday ~ the classic cross.

And a wise old owl.

Here's one of my girls wishes for this year, solid chocolate please! It's a large mold and will hold quite a bit of chocolate! ALOT of chocolate, and she has requested a solid bunny! No hollow bunny here please!

Another classic ~ bunny sitting on a log. This one's a pretty good catch in the Easter basket too! Another pretty large mold, it could keep a kid busy for awhile, but not quite as long as the larger bunny!!

You've gotta have a silly looking monkey mold...don't you? We have two!

My explorer's favorite ~ the hiking bunny!

One of my favorites ~ the cowboy collection, I think there are six or so molds of the same cowboy in two different sizes. Really cute.

And of course, you need to have an astronaunt!

And I know that everyone has an accordian playing clown. Right?!?

This cow may be the 'best of show', at least as far as I'm concerned. My mom loved...I mean loved cows, and this one was in her collection. I don't remember it showing up in our baskets though, I don't know why she didn't use it, but I'll find out why since I'm going to try to make a real 'chocolate cow' tonight! It's a beauty!

And...Happy Easter!!!