Monday, January 26, 2015

~ Snowy Pictures From the Backyard ~

 Good Morning!  We've had a few inches of snow last night, the wet, heavy kind that sticks to everything.  Pretty.  Enjoy some snowy pictures from around my yard.  

Purple Coneflowers with snowy hats.

My clothlesline in the backyard.  Covered in snow and there was a slight wind blowing so it was bouncing around, but no snow has fallen from it yet.  

Animal tracks.
Bunny Tracks.  (Not the ice cream!)  :)

I think this is a turkey.  Large bird tracks with the tail dragging behind.  How did I mss the turkey?  They don't often visit my yard, and this was a lone turkey I think, only one set of tracks.

Standing under the large hemlock tree in my backyard, which provides shelter for countless birds in the winter months.

The birdhouse on the top of the clothes line and the leftover twigs from a house sparrows nest.

This is a pallet leaning against the garage.  Even pallets can look pretty in the snow.

The magnolia tree in my front yard.  What a beautiful tree!  It is quickly becoming a great perch for the birds too.

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